Saturday, January 2, 2016


Rather than make a New Year's resolution I'd like to request an argument!

                                                                 (c) Shelia Bolt Rudesill

It seems to me that reasoned argument or banter is necessary for a blog to be of any value. Many people write blogs to establish a platform for their work or their ideas. Bloggers not only “show off” their work and share ideas; they make friends, and hope that, somehow, their blog will attract an audience (contacts/customers) large enough to go viral. 

A certain amount of “conflict” on blogs seems to be necessary for the blog to go viral. When people read blogs and only compliment the author, the author gets nothing but kudos—especially if the readers send a private email response rather than comment publically (on the blog) for others to read. When there is conflict (controversy), readers will hopefully comment and share the blog with their friends who will then read the blog and comment and share again and again until the blog has hundreds, thousands, or even millions of “followers”.

So, my friends, this is my wish for 2016: Let’s Argue! Not fight or squabble, or put one another down, but kindly discuss or debate our opinions. Believe me, I will not attack you personally if your opinions differ from mine. I will welcome opposing positions, but I will also defend my arguments and expect you to do the same. Otherwise, nothing constructive results from the debate. There doesn’t have to be a definitive consensus of opinion or agreement in a good argument.

In a blog I posted several weeks ago, I mentioned that I hadn’t read the book I was blogging about. I did that on purpose, to get a discussion going, but no one took the bait. If someone had protested, perhaps someone else would have either agreed with the protestor or stood up for me and then, just maybe a huge discussion would have ensued. Ah, my dream!

On Tuesday, January 5, 2016, I will post what I hope will be a controversial blog about how one big NYC publishing house not only let me down, but let down a noteworthy author. Please let me hear what you think about my opinions. LETS ARGUE intellectually and have a Happy New Year!


  1. I don't think I have ever had any contraversal issues or arguments on my blog. Yet, if I did.....I might not have recognized it. Then again, I am one of those people that you hate or love. Publishing is hard work and so many authors are taken advantage of. Interestingly, I will remember an author or their book but can not tell you anything about the publisher. I guess I have lots to learn on the subject.

  2. Ginger Dawn Harman, Thank you for commenting! Your blogs are positive. I don't think I've ever read anything controversial there. I go to your blog for escape and enjoyment. I think you'll find my next post controversial and I'd like to hear your opinion. Stay tuned....

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