Friday, January 22, 2016

A Photo Story Board: The House That Bud Built

When Bud and I moved to Dubois, Wyoming in 1995 Bud crossed one more item off his bucket list—he began designing and building a house (mostly) by himself.

We should have written a story about it, but we lived the experience instead. Here are just a few photographs of the dream home we named, Ten Forward (our living space) and Moonstrike Gallery and Studios (our creative/work space).

Leaving North Carolina

May 2, 1995 First step: Finding land with a view

May 14 Digging a well 

Framing June 25

And more framing June 25

Then the roof June 30

June 30 Bud had already built raised beds outside our living room windows so I could plant bulbs for spring!

Same raised year later

June 30 Our view

August 4 finishing the roof

August 27 Almost done—outside anyway!

September 20 Can't stop for snow!

 September 24 Bud put up the drywall & I did most of the mudding...but not all in one day

 September 30 Staining the wood floors 

October 5 Building the stairs

The royal couple descending the stairs for the first time

November 16 The last soffit (left)

Nov 18 Cabnits for the studio

 Nov 20 A few windows

December 1 Finished enough to move in!

Dining room on left, kitchen center, living room where the tile starts

Living Room



Moonstrike Gallery: paintings, sculpture, jewelry, and dolls

My creative space where I made dolls and wrote children's books to accompany them.

June 1996 Enjoying the fruits of our labor on our upstairs deck with our king cat, Hisha.


  1. What a wonderful house! How could you bear to leave it??

    1. Thank you. Couldn't bear it for a while. But we'll never forget the joy of accomplishment! This is where my writing career began.

  2. I loved the journey through building your home. What great memories. Was it hard leaving such a beautiful home behind when you moved?

    1. Thank you! Yes, It was very hard to leave but wouldn't change a thing! It was a mountain top experience!

  3. Wonderful memories!! BEAUTIFUL home !

  4. Wonderful memories!! BEAUTIFUL home !

  5. Thank you Shelia. Brought back memories of the lovely times I spent with you and Bud in your home.
    Keep well, Olga

    1. We enjoyed every minute of your visit! All the way from Australia! Thank you!

  6. Wow! This was great! I had no idea about this and what a fantastic view over time!