Monday, January 11, 2016

Book Trailers: How important are they

The Importance Of Book Trailers For Self-Published Authors 

Writer’s Relief, Inc.
Ronnie L. Smith, President

“The success of your self-published book will ultimately be determined by your ability to rise above the competition and grab the attention of your potential buyers. And let’s face it—with all the books currently on the market, there are a lot of titles competing for your readers’ attention. To stand out from the crowd, media-savvy authors are using book trailers to entice book buyers and build sales.

Some writers may wonder if using video to sell the written word makes sense. Think of it this way: You’ve most likely experienced the effectiveness of movie trailers. A well-crafted movie preview creates buzz and convinces you to buy a ticket. In the same way, a professional book trailer will help you engage your audience and generate more interest in your book.”

Okay, so some of my writer friends think my trailers are out dated in this modern video world of flashing images, bright lights, and “talking movies” rather than photographs with voiceovers. But here they are examples of what can be done with Movie Maker on a PC.

The trailer for Child Of My Heart is responsible for selling more books than all my others, probably because it comes up in search engines of popular themes (children, child abuse, child neglect, NICU, PICU, pediatric nursing, motherhood, etc.). 

So here they are--all with their original covers. Enjoy! And let me know if any make you want to purchase one of my books.






If you’ve made a trailer for your book(s) feel free to post me the link and I’ll be happy to share it on next week’s blog.

If you haven’t thought about making book trailers the article below may inspire you.

Writer’s Relief, Inc.

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